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Manage Resellers

In Cloudmore, a Seller offers services to Brokers, who act as resellers. The Seller has the flexibility to manage these interactions either through Cloudmore’s user interface or via the API.

API Details

OperationSwagger DescriptionMethodAPI
Create a ResellerCreates new broker for the sellerPOST/api/sellers/{sellerId}/brokers
Retrieve a ResellerReturns seller broker detailsGET/api/sellers/{sellerId}/brokers/{id}
Retrieve All ResellersReturns all Seller’s associated Brokers and ServiceBrokers who have added any Seller’s serviceGET/api/sellers/{sellerId}/brokers
Update a ResellersUpdates seller brokerPUT/api/sellers/{sellerId}/brokers/{id}
Delete a ResellerDeletes seller brokerDELETE/api/sellers/{sellerId}/brokers/{id}
Retrieve resellers that have servicesThis API call will return all Brokers (resellers) that have activated services from the sellerGET/api/sellers/{sellerId}/resellers
Returns reseller informationReturns seller reseller information by idGET/api/sellers/{sellerId}/resellers/{id}

API Examples

Creates new broker for the seller.

Creates new broker for the seller.
End Point/api/sellers/{sellerId}/brokers
Request Body{ "name": "ABCDEF Company", "registrationNumber": "123456789", "vat": "987654321", "domain": "", "notificationEmail": "", "supportEmail": "", "contact": { "name": "John", "jobTitle": "Admin", "email": "", "phonePrefix": "372", "phone": "53564558", "cellPhonePrefix": "372", "cellPhone": "53564558" }, "address": { "address": "123 Dolphin Street", "postalCode": "123456", "city": "Tallinn", "countryCode": "EE" }, "invoiceContact": { "name": "John Doe", "email": "", "phonePrefix": "372", "phone": "53564558" }, "allowCmpAccess": true }
Successful Example Response201
Error Example Response400[ { "errorCode": 5, "errorName": "InvalidValue", "errorMessage": "Invalid domain/website:abcdefCompany" } ] { "Contact.Phone": [ "Phone number is not in valid format." ], "Contact.PhonePrefix": [ "Phone number is not in valid format." ] }

Field Definitions

name*The name of the reseller.
registrationNumber*The resellers registration number.
vatThe resellers VAT number.
domain*The resellers domain.
notificationEmail*An email address of the reseller where notifications can be sent.
supportEmail*The resellers support email address.
contact*name* – The name of the contact
jobTitle* – The job title of the contact
email* – The email address of the contactphone
Prefix* – Country calling code of the contacts phone number without the ‘+’ mark
phone* – Resellers contact phone numbercellPhonePrefix* – Country calling code of the contacts phone number without the ‘+’ mark
cellPhone* – Resellers contact mobile phone number
address*address – Resellers address street name and house number
postalCode – Resellers address postal code
city-Resellers address city
countryCode*-ISO 3166 Alpha-2 country code of the Resellers address
invoiceContactname – Resellers invoice contact name
email – Resellers invoice contact email address
phonePrefix – Country calling code of the phone number without the ‘+’ mark
phone – Resellers invoice contact phone number
customPropertiesBroker custom properties values in format: Id, Value
allowCmpAccessIndicates if the reseller has Cloudmore platform access