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Service Integration Guide

Service Integrations

Cloudmore’s adaptable platform seamlessly integrates with external services, allowing them to be showcased in the Cloudmore marketplace. When setting up a service in Cloudmore, you have two provisioning options: triggering an email or initiating a webhook call.

The email option provides a straightforward and quick start-up method, suitable for initial stages or lower volumes. It can be easily configured within minutes through the Cloudmore user interface.

On the other hand, the webhook call option enables comprehensive, end-to-end automation between Cloudmore and external services. Utilizing webhooks requires a Cloudmore Service Connector. This connector acts as middleware, hosted externally, and serves as an intermediary, translating and relaying communications between Cloudmore and the external service.

Introduction to the guide

The purpose of this document is to allow Cloudmore Cloud Service Brokers and Sellers in Cloudmore to manage services and subscriptions and retrieve billing information.

The Cloudmore API enables the automation of routine tasks such as:

  • Retrieve service and product information to display in their online portals.
  • Create customers and users in Cloudmore and external cloud services.
  • Create subscriptions for different services and assign subscriptions to users.
  • Suspend, cancel, and delete subscriptions.
  • Configure and update pricing for products and set customer-specific prices.
  • Retrieve billing information to integrate with external ERP and financial reporting systems.

This API documentation explains how to access the Cloudmore API and includes examples to help you get started. For detailed and updated information about each API call, please see our Swagger document: Swagger UI .