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Create a Seller Service Product Addon

Should the product support addons, an addon can be created. Note that the product identifier is necessary to initiate this process to create the addon under the right product.

NOTE! Creating products addons can be done through the Cloudmore user interface or API. This guide will focus on API usage.

API Details

OperationSwagger DescriptionMethodAPI
Create an AddonCreates new product addon for Seller servicePOST/api/sellers/{sellerId}/services/{serviceId}/products/{productId}/addons
Retrieve an AddonsReturns seller service product addonGET/api/sellers/{sellerId}/services/{serviceId}/products/{productId}/addons/{id}
Retrieve All AddonsReturns all seller service product addonsGET/api/sellers/{sellerId}/services/{serviceId}/products/{productId}/addons
Update an AddonUpdates Seller service product addonPUT/api/sellers/{sellerId}/services/{serviceId}/products/{productId}/addons/{id}
Delete an AddonDeletes Seller service product addonDELETE/api/sellers/{sellerId}/services/{serviceId}/products/{productId}/addons/{id}
Retrieve ProductsReturns all seller service productsGET/api/sellers/{sellerId}/services/{serviceId}/products

API Calls

Retrieve a Product

Retrieve a Product
End Point/api/sellers/{sellerId}/services/{serviceId}/products
Request Body[ { "id": "b5861376-08af-48c5-acbf-ef935b0d9c74", "name": "Google Workspace (pay as you go)", "description": "Add and delete users at any time. You will be billed at the end of the month for the actual number of accounts in service during the month.", "itemCode": "payg" } ]
Successful Example Response201
Error Example Response404

Create Addon

Creates new product addon for Seller service.
End Point/api/sellers/{sellerId}/services/{serviceId}/products/{productId}/addons
Request Body{ "name": "Google Workspace Business Standard", "itemCode": "SkYiNEdAxQfMSL", "enableGrouping": true, "groupName": "payg", "price": 10, "cost": 5, "recommendedPrice": 15, "pricePer": "Metered", "hideFromSubscriptionView": false, "hideFromPriceList": false }
Successful Example Response201
Error Example Response400{ "Name": [ "The Name field is required." ], "ItemCode": [ "The ItemCode field is required." ] }

Field Definitions

name*The name of the addon.
itemCode*A unique code for the addon. Also known as SKU (Stock Keeping Unit).
enableGroupingDoes the addon allow grouping of addons.
groupNameIf grouping is enabled the name of the group name should be specified.
priceThe price for broker.
costThe cost for the seller.
recommendedPriceThe price, which is suggested for brokers to use when they sell to organizations.
pricePerFor what the price is charged for
– Subscription
– Quantity
– Selected
– Metered
For products with a type of ProductBased the following options are available
– Subscription
– Quantity
– Selected
For products with a type of Metered the following options are available
– Metered
hideFromSubscriptionViewDefines if the addon is displayed or hidden from subscription view.
hideFromPriceListDefines if addon is displayed or hidden from price list.