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Manage Services

Services that are available to an organization can be found in the E-store. Services available to an organization are dependent on their Cloud Service Broker. Adding a service to an organization only enables the service for the organization and may create tenants in the external system.

API Details

OperationSwagger DescriptionMethodAPI
Add a service from the E-Store to the organizationAdds available custom service from Estore to organizationPOST/api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/services
Retrieve organization service detailsReturns organization service detailsGET/api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/services/{serviceId}
Retrieve all organizations service detailsReturns all organization servicesGET/api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/services
Update an organizations service detailsUpdates organizations services dataPUT/api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/services/{serviceId}
Delete an service from a organizationRemoves custom service from organizationDELETE/api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/services/{serviceId}
Retrieve services from the E-StoreReturns all services available for adding to organizationGET/api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/Estore
Retrieves a services detailsReturns details for service that can be added to organizationGET/api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/Estore/{serviceId}

API Examples

Retrieve services from the E-Store

Retrieve services from the E-Store
End Point/api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/Estore
Request BodyN/A.
Successful Example Response200[ { "id": "8806367b-001a-4632-afb4-27a7fad7660c", "name": "Google Workspace (Integrations Guide Service)" } ]  
Error Example Response404

Add a service from the E-Store to the organization

Add a service from the E-Store to the organization
End Point/api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/services
Request Body{ "id": "8806367b-001a-4632-afb4-27a7fad7660c", "currencyCode": "EUR", "customPropertiesData": [ { "id": "adminFirstName", "value": "John" }, { "id": "adminLastName", "value": "Doe" }, { "id": "domain", "value": "" } ] }
Successful Example Response201
Error Example Response400[ { "errorCode": 5, "errorName": "InvalidValue", "errorMessage": "Custom property Domain is mandatory" } ]{ "id": [ "The input was not valid." ] }

API Fields

id*The unique identifier of the service that is added to the organization. Available services can be retrieved with call GET /api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/Estore
currencyCode*Currency code supported by the added service. ISO 4217 currency code
customPropertiesDataCustom Properties Custom properties can be set when the service is added or updated if they have been defined