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Manage Users

Organizational users can be created and assigned to subscriptions. Before a user is assigned to a subscription, the user will first have to be created and assigned a role.

API Details

OperationSwagger DescriptionMethodAPI
Return a userReturns all organization users assigned to a subscriptionPOST/api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/Users
Retrieve all usersReturns all organization usersGET/api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/Users
Update a userReturns user detailsGET/api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/Users/{id}
Delete a userUpdates organization userPUT/api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/Users/{id}
Creates new users for the organizationDeletes organization userDELETE/api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/Users/{id}
Retrieve all organization user rolesReturns all organization user rolesGET/api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/OrganizationRoles
Returns all organization users assigned to a subscriptionUpdates subscription external user-idGET/api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/services/{serviceId}/subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/users
Updates subscription external user-idAssign a user to a subscription.PUT/api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/services/{serviceId}/subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/users
Assign a user to a subscriptionRemoves a user from subscriptionPOST/api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/services/{serviceId}/subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/users
Removes a user from a subscriptionRemoves a user from a subscriptionDELETE/api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/services/{serviceId}/subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/users/{userId}

API Examples

Retrieve Organization Roles

Retrieve available roles
End Point/api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/OrganizationRoles
Request BodyN/A.
Successful Example Response200[ { "id": 13, "name": "Organization Admin" }, { "id": 12, "name": "Organization Billing Admin" }, { "id": 10, "name": "Organization User" }, { "id": 11, "name": "Organization View Only Admin" } ]
Error Example Response404

Create the Organization User

Create the User
End Point/api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/Users
Request Body{ "name": "", "password": "Password123!", "firstName": "John", "lastName": "Doe", "displayName": "John Dow", "roleId": 13, "title": "Mr", "homePhone": "5678912", "homePhonePrefix": "372", "department": "Accounting", "office": "Tallinn", "company": "ABC Company", "email": "", "address": { "street": "123 Street", "postalCode": "10112", "city": "Tallinn", "countryCode": "EE" }, "mfaOption": "0", "cellPhone": "53564558", "cellPhonePrefix": "372" }
Successful Example Response201
Error Example Response400[ { "errorCode": 9, "errorName": "ValueAlreadyInUse", "errorMessage": "User name is not available, please try again" } ]{ "Name": [ "The Name field is required." ], "RoleId": [ "The RoleId field is required." ] }

Retrieve All Organizations Users

Create a Service
End Point/api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/Users
Request BodyN/A.
Successful Example Response201[ { "id": "2bd68fe8-7cc9-4a5f-b47c-992847bcd6fb", "name": "", "displayName": "John Doe", "role": { "id": 13, "name": "Organization Admin" }, "services": 0, "active": true } ]
Error Example Response404 

Assign a User to a Subscription.

Create the User
End Point/api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/services/{serviceId}/subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/users
Request Body{ "userId": "2bd68fe8-7cc9-4a5f-b47c-992847bcd6fb", "externalUserId": "122345" }
Successful Example Response201
Error Example Response400{ "UserId": [ "The UserId field is required." ] }

API Field Definitions – Users

name*The username to be used.Must be an email address and match the domain of the organization.
password*Minimum password length is eight (8) characters.
Password must contain uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers and non-word characters.
Password cannot contain parts of the user’s account name or parts of the user’s full name
firstName*The first name of the user.
lastName*The last name of the user.
displayName*The display name of the user.
roleId*The role to be assigned to the user
All available roles can be retrieved from /api/resellers/{resellerId}/organizations/{organizationId}/OrganizationRoles
titleThe user’s home phone number.Only accepts digits from 0 to 9.
homePhonePrefixThe user’s title.
homePhoneThe department the users belong to.
departmentThe user’s office.
officeThe user’s company.
companyThe user’s company.
email*The email address of the user.
syncNumberUsers synchronization number (pre Windows 2000 username)
azureAdIdID in Azure Active Directory (apply only for users import from AD)
address*street – Users street address name and house number
postalCode – User address postal code
city – Users city
countryCode* – ISO 3166 Alpha-2 country code of the user address
mfaOptionDetermines which multi-factor authentication method a user should use during login
Email = 0 (default),
SMS = 1
With the SMS option, the fields CellPhonePrefix and CellPhone become mandatory and must contain valid numbers.
cellPhonePrefixThe users cell phone number prefix.
Only accepts digits from 0 to 9.
Country calling code of the phone number without the ‘+’ mark.
cellPhoneThe user’s home phone number.
Only accepts digits from 0 to 9.

API Field Definitions – OrganizationSubscriptionUsers

userIdThe identifier of the user to be assigned to the subscription.
externalUserIdAn external identifier of the user.