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swagger Document

Link to swagger:

Swagger is an open-source tool that automatically writes API documentation based on the available calls and parameters. In Swagger, you can see:

  • All available API calls in Cloudmore API.
  • All available parameters for each API call.
  • Detailed information about each parameter, like type and if it is required.
  • Example response and status codes.
  • Detailed model information.

The Swagger document is automatically updated with every Cloudmore release. Therefore, the document is always up to date with recent changes. For the latest information, the Swagger should always be used.

How to use Swagger

All available API calls are grouped in containers that can be minimized or expanded. Under each group are the available calls listed with HTTP Method, endpoint, and a short description.

swagger container

Clicking on an endpoint will show the details of that API call. Where you can see:

  • Endpoint address with example
  • Description of the API call
  • Required and available parameters
  • Example body requests
  • Detailed model information about each property with types, required, max and minimum values, and description of each field:
swagger model