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Getting started

Request API Access

To be able to access the Cloudmore API, a request must be sent to The Cloudmore support team will establish that the requestor is a valid customer and approve the request. The Cloudmore support team will supply the client’s secret and the requestor’s resellerId / sellerId. The client secret is used as an extra security measure and must be submitted with the authentication request. The resellerId / sellerId is the unique identifier of a Cloud Service Broker or Seller and must be submitted in all API calls after authentication.

Create API user

The API credentials consist of a valid admin account in Cloudmore, where API access has been enabled. This step is done by the Broker or Seller themselves.

Cloudmore strongly recommends that a separate account is created for API access and that each account is only used for one integrated application to improve security. By following this recommendation, each account can easily be disabled, and Cloudmore API logs are easier to troubleshoot.

To create an admin account with API access:

  1. Login to Cloudmore.
  2. In the left-hand menu, go to Broker and click on Administrators.
  3. Click the New administrator button.
  4. Fill out a user name, first name, last name, display name, job title, email address, and cell phone.
  5. In the Role dropdown, please select Global Admin.
  6. Select to generate a password or fill out a password in the password fields. We recommend that you use a complex password of at least 20 characters for an API account.
  7. Click the More button.
  8. Scroll to the bottom and select Allow REST API access.
  9. Click on create.