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Common use cases

Cloudmore API supports many different use cases. In this section, we will highlight a few relevant API calls for the use case. More details and examples on how to make API calls are also shown later in this document.

Billing integration

Cloudmore will generate billing information that Cloud Service Brokers can use to invoice their customers. To get billing data out of Cloudmore, you can either schedule a report in Cloudmore or use the API if you want to connect it to an ERP or other financial system.

Please read our Billing Integration article for more information.

Service Integration

Any IT service can be integrated with Cloudmore. When a customer place an order with a service, a webhook notification is sent, and the external service can be provisioned. In many cases, the integration would need to get additional information from Cloudmore.

Please read our Service Integration article for more information.

frontend portal

This use case applies to Cloud Service Brokers who want to create an online portal or e-commerce shop that sits in front of Cloudmore. In this scenario, Cloudmore is the backend vehicle that provisions services, manages subscriptions, and keeps track of billing. This can be used to onboard new customers, manage the initial sale, or provide full subscription management.