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Status and Error Codes

Cloudmore API uses HTTP status codes to indicate the success or failure of a request:

Status CodeDescription
200 SuccessThe request succeeded.
201 CreatedThe request succeeded, and the resource was created.
204 No ContentThe server processed the request successfully but did not return a response.
400 Bad RequestThe API does not understand the request because of bad syntax. This could be because:
– The request did not include a required parameter
– The request parameter data was not in the correct format
– The request parameters do not match the expected data types
401 UnauthorizedAuthentication failed because credentials were missing or invalid.
403 ForbiddenThe request failed because you did not have permission to perform the action or access the resource.
404 Not FoundThe resource specified in the request does not exist. To resolve this error, make sure that the request
includes a valid resource.
405 Method Not AllowedThe method is not allowed for the resource specified in the request.
500 Server ErrorAn error occurred on the server.